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UD Technologies is a leading manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Anhydrous HCl Gas Generation system-Calcium Chloride from Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

This unit uses for the production of  IPA HCl and Methanol-HCl for API Industries

Generally, for Lab scale, Hydrogen Chloride gas makes available through cylinders. But for industrial production, it becomes very costly

and found handling problems while passing gas in the reactor.

Hydrogen chloride gas is useful for Several Applications such as hydrochlorination of the Bulk drug to make product water soluble, also requires in the anhydrous state for critical reactions where moisture cannot be tolerated. In other routes, a large amount of  acid  generates whose neutralization cost is much more. This unit uses for the production of  IPA HCl and Methanol-HCl for API Industries

UD Technologies are Leading manufacturer and supplier for  HCL Gas Generation systems by different routes

Industries adopt several methods for HCL Gas Generator. But generation by Sulphuric Acid Route and Boiling Route which generates byproducts like Spent sulfuric acid and Spent Hydrochloric acid . We suggest  Calcium Chloride Route for HCL Gas Generation .

HCL Gas Generator by Calcium chloride route has cheapest in working cost as there is little neutralization cost so bear minimum effluent generation

Dry HCl Gas Generator Systems by Calcium Chloride Route
UD Technologies are leading manufacturer of Dry HCL Gas generator by Calcium Chloride Route

Anhydrous HCl Gas Generation unit by CaCl2 route

Principle Of Anhydrous HCl Gas Generation system-Calcium Chloride

Hydrochloric acid and water form a maximum boiling point azeotrope at 11O°C corresponding to a concentration of 20.24%; HCl. By adding concentrated calcium chloride solution to commercial hydrochloric acid; azeotrope point is eliminated and. the entire HCl becomes available for liberation by distillation.
Anhydrous HCl gas generation through Calcium Chloride Route is the most environmentally friendly technique and having least price if we consider neutralization and handling cost for Waste Acids

PROCESS DESCRIPTION –Anhydrous HCl Gas Generation system-Calcium Chloride:

The above principle- achieves in practice by feeding metered quantities of commercial Hydrochloric acid and Calcium Chloride solution to a stripping column with a steam heated re-boiler at the bottom. The effluent from the bottom of the column is a dilute acidic calcium chloride solution which is concentrated to desired Concentration in an evaporator and re-used. The vapor leaving condenses stage wise with cooling water and chilled brine as a coolant. The relatively dry gas passes through a mist eliminator and to the point of consumption.


  • Designed Considering operation and maintenance problem
  • A proven design that is a combination of different MOC most suitable for its use
  • Turn down ratio of 30%
  • Simple operation makes system operation and maintenance Friendly(Less Pump and Instrumentation)
  • ·Nearly zero Effluent system which makes payback period fast over other systems considering Higher raw Material costs and handling and neutralization cost of Effluents
  • Supplied by an experienced team of Engineers in this field

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