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Glass Nutch Filter
Glass Filter Reactor or Agitated Nutch Filter and reactor
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Glass Nutsche Filter and Glass Agitated Nutsche Filter

UD Technologies are manufacturers and Exporters of Glass Nutsche Filter and Glass Agitated Nutsche Filter with Ease of Cake Removal and Different Configurations considering plant layour and Process Needs

Chemicals and API are frequently processed as powders, so that a crystallization of the solution after the reaction takes place and subsequently separation of solid and liquid materials becomes necessary.

For such applications UD Technologies offers high quality filters for pilot plant facilities R & D Labs and for application in Kilo Labs as per their requirements of whether their primary purpose to clarify the liquid or to remove solids by filtration. Depending on solid particles in slurry different volumes of Filter cake Volume and filtrate is provided


Glass Nutsche filter can be designed as per client’s process and GMP requirements

The most crucial part is to remove solids and Filter cloth from top glass part. Our design is user’s friendly such that top cover or bottom cover can be easily removed and fixed by Operator Filter Cloth fixing is such that to change Filter cloth ,Bottom Part does require to dismantle or lower. It can be fixed or removed from Top Part only to make it Maintenance and User Friendly.

Glass Nutch Filter has advantages for filtering acidic Slurry.Borosilicate glass can withstand Hydrochloric Acid -Sulfuric Acid-Nitric Acid except Hydrofluoric Acid and Hot Phosphoric acid.


If process requirement needs to have Agitation-ANF ,UD Technologies Also offers Glass Agitated Nutsche Filter with  top SS PTFE Sleeved Scrapper
Stirrer. This shall Operate with  manual operation  or by Electrical Motor . To make it ANF User’s Friendly;  Large side Nozzle can also be provided so that after scrapping cake From Side Nozzle cake can be removed

Considering Modular Approach, we also give transfer Pump and Skid Mounted Motor as per URS.  The contact parts are always 3.3 Expansion Borosilicate Glass and PTFE.  The equipment is designed in such a way that it can be easily dismantled for cleaning according to GMP regulations. Jacket can also be given in case of Hot filtration

We offer Large Glass Agitated Nutsche filter/Nutch filter with Motorised Lifting and lowering arrangement

The dissipative PTFE is approved by FDA regulation too.

Applications of Glass Nutsche Filters-Agitated Nutch Filter

  • Acidic and other corrosive Media Filtration
  • Light Sensitive Product Filtration
  •  Vacuum Filtration Competitive

Advantages of the product

  • Superior technical solution *
  • No metal in contact with the product
  • Movable skid on wheels
  • Comfortable handling
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick harvesting using top easily removable cover
  • Simple substitution of the filter cloth
  • Connection for Feed ,Solvent for Wash ,ventilation/ nitrogen on the top cover etc.
  • Excellent corrosion-resistance
  • Smooth, pore-free surface
  • Transparency
  • Catalytic inertness
  • No effect on odour and taste
  • Physiological acceptability
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