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Glass Shell and tube heat exchanger With Graphite Tube
Glass Shell and Coil Heat Exhanger
Glass Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Glass Shell and Tube heat Exchanger

UD Technologies are  manufacturer, supplier and Exporter  for Glass Shell and Tube heat Exchanger   in Vadodara,Gujarat India  for
various duties such as:
1. Heating Cooling
2. Single component Condensation
3. Multi-component condensation
4. Thermosyphon reboiler
5. Falling Film Evaporators
6. Falling Film Absorbers
7. Waste Heat Economisers

along with adjoining pipelines and equipment



UD Technologies are  manufacturer, supplier, and Exporter  for Glass Shell and Tube heat Exchanger   in Vadodara, Gujarat India

In order to cement our position, we are successfully presenting a wide and quality assured gamut of Glass Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger. Offered heat exchanger is designed well by our capable professionals. Available in several technical specifications provided heat exchanger is greatly demanded in the market for its brilliant feature like hassle-free performance, low maintenance and precision-designed.
In addition to the classical Glass heat exchangers in the coil or shell and tube construction form, UD Technologies offers you a variety of process-specific Equipment. Our Process engineering division would be happy to help you with a layout design

Shell and tube heat exchangers:

Our Heat Exchangers are designed and built such that nearly all removable Parts like Shell, Tube Sheet, Tubes, Bonnet
Glass Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are available up to 40 Sq. Mt Heat transfer Area
Metal Shell and Glass Tube Heat exchangers are Available up to 50 Sq. Mt area

Heat transfer Application
1.  Condensation on Shell Side
2.  Condensation on tube Side
3.  Falling Film Evaporator
4.  Thermosyphon Reboiler
5.  Waste heat Economiser
6.  Heating -Cooling Application
7.  Climbing Film Evaporator or Recirculatory Evaporation
8. Falling Film Reactor and Absorber

Glass Tube –Graphite tube Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger:

Complete range of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers available with following options:
The material of Construction of Shell considering process requirements: Glass-MS-SS –FRP
Material of Construction of Bonnet: Borosilicate Glass- MS-SS –FRP-PTFE Lined-Glass Lined
Orientation: Horizontal –Vertical-Inclined
Pass Partition in Metallic Bonnets: Single- Double –Triple

We also offer Shell and Graphite tubes heat exchangers with Shell options of Glass – MS-SS. Bonnets are also available with Glass –Graphite – Metal as per process requirements

Salient Features:

Universal Corrosion Resistance
Outstanding heat transfer
Space-saving arrangement by installing in Horizontal or Vertical position
Simple replacement of inner tubes for repair and cleaning
Low Maintenance cost

Coil type heat exchangers:

Flexibility to increase Heat Transfer Area by adding more modules
UD Technologies Manufacturers Coil Heat Exchangers from 0.2 Sq. Meter to 4 Sq, Meter Heat transfer Area
UD technologies are Manufacturers, Suppliers  of Heat Exchanger for Highly corrosive Environments and different Process requirements like condensation, Thermosyphon Reboiler, Heating-Cooling and vaporization
UD Selects MOC from Borosilicate Glass-Graphite-PTFE and Some Exotic metals Like Tantalum
Offers from Smaller Heat transfer Area 0.2 Meter Square to 30 Sq, Mt

Please give the following details
1.  Your Process requirements
2.  Operating Pressure and Temperature
3.  Chemicals to be used
4.  Required Heat Transfer area

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