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UD Technologies is the leading manufacturer of Vacuum Controller for Research and Development Laboratories. Digital vacuum controllers can be used for Glass Reactors, Rotavapors and Distillation set up. This tool is required to set the process vacuum required for scale-up Sizes.

Normally, Organic solvents of Low Boiling points apply in Evaporation -Distillation in Rotary Vacuum Evaporator. As standard equipment, a Vacuum ejector or vacuum pump employs for evacuating. Due to High Vacuum, the Boiling point shall go down under the vacuum. Majorly Cooling water or Chilled water of 8-10 0C is available as coolant.

Due to Higher vapor pressure, solvent vapors drag in a vacuum source and result in solvent loss.

Vacuum Controller for Rotary Film Evaporator

To deal with this scenario, UD Technologies offers a Digital Vacuum controller.

It facilitates users to set the vacuum such that the boiling point of the Solvent becomes higher than the utility temperature. Consequently, better condensation and less solvent losses result.

It is a combination of a Vacuum Transmitter, Controller, and Electromagnetic valve. Inbuilt Control Panel facilitates setting and control of Vacuum.

Valve shut off when Set Up vacuum achieves and Open when vacuum reduces due to vapor pressure in system up to Set vacuum. Vacuum Pump can be shut off if required (Optional) while Electromagnetic valve off i.e. during the vacuum control cycle

Manual Air Purge valve is also considered to have better and more accurate control

The vacuum controller for Glass Reactor is light and easy to use. Just connect between the vacuum source and Rotary Evaporator and plugin. It shall control and offer the desired vacuum.

Vacuum can be set in most of the Units. Chemists can set vacuum is required units.

Please contact for your customized requirements

Salient  features: Vacuum Controller for Research and Development Laboratories

1. Precise control of vacuum in distillation

2.  Flexibility to set precise vacuum considering  different vacuum-different vacuum pump capacity

3. Can set any  units of vacuum preferable to you

4. Ready to use vacuum controller. Just attach hose pipes  of the vacuum source and distillation system and plug-In power supply

5. Lightweight and can be moved easily to any Experiment set up for vacuum control

6. Can control the vacuum from 5 liters to 50-liter volume

7. Facility of Aeration and vacuum release

UD Technologies also offer vacuum controllers for Production plants and large systems in flameproof also.

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