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Glass Reactor

UD Technologies are leading manufacturers of batch Reactors like Jacketed Glass Reactor, Glass Filter Reactor, Glass Spherical Reactor From Vadodara, India.

We manufacture Jacketed Glass Reactor with the highest quality standards of workmanship and material. It is available up to 300-liter Capacity.

The reactor is a vessel or system in which chemical Reaction proceeds and Reactants converts in Production. Design of Chemical Reactor Varies Widely with process Parameters.

Due to transparency and Universal Corrosion resistance; Chemists and Process Engineers prefer Borosilicate Glass for Kilo Lab, Pilot plants and Production for small batches.

Cylindrical Shape widely uses considering Geometric and Kinematic Similarity with Commercial Reactors.

Appropriate design of the Glass Chemical Reactor is crucial for Pilot plant trial success.UD Technologies offers several solutions to select the appropriate Glass Reactor.

There are two main variants: Batch reactor and continuous reactor. Semi Batch or semi Continuous reactor is also suitable for certain Chemical Reactions.

Glass Batch Reactor :

A batch reactor is suitable for major reactions in API and chemical industry.

Cylindrical Shape is in wide Operation considering Geometric and Kinematic Similarity with Commercial Reactors.

Glass reactor
manufacturer of Glass reactor from Baroda

Glass Batch Reactor is available with different options such as :

*Addition of baffles *

*Addition of jacket in cylindrical reactors (Jacket MOC – Glass / SS / MS)

*Addition of stirring system arrangement (Glass Stirrers / PTFE Stirrers)

*Providing heating and cooling baths and mantles where energy supply and removal with temperature control is required

Glass Filter Reactor

Glass Filter Reactor is a type of Batch reactor with a Liquid-Solid reaction that facilitates the Filteration of Solids and cake Removal. Depending on size, Glass Reactor can be up and down with Manual or Mechanical Arrangement.

The Filter Reactor gives chemists combined reaction and filtration functionality and allows them to synthesize, wash, and dry their solids; all in the same vessel. Catering to both laboratory and pilot plant scale.

Glass Filter Reactor or Agitated Nutch Filter and reactor

UD Technologies also offers Customised Glass Reactor along with Automation and Instrumentation.

Glass Triple wall Reactor

Glass Triple walled Reactor or Glass Triple jacketed Reactor is specially designed for Cryogenic Reaction for small batches. The first jacket is used to circulate very chilled Brine say -70 to -80 Dec. In Normal Jacketed vessel or double-walled Reactor, icing happens due to very low temperature, which impairs reaction visualization.

In triple-layered Glass vessel, External Jacket is Vacuum evacuated(Like Thermos) which acts as an Insulation shield.

glass reactor
Glass reactor

Triple walled or Double Jacketed vessel is ideal for Cryogenic reactions. and available up to 50-liter capacity with different options for scale-up.

Glass Spherical Reactor

UD Technologies Offer Glass Spherical Reactors and fractional reaction cum distillation units. They are available Options up to 300-liter capacity

Spherical Glass Reactor

Spherical Glass Reactors or Glass Flasks are suitable for Small Batches of Production and Purification and distillation of solvents. Complete units are available with different options considering Process requirements

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