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Glass Distillation set up over Glass Lined Reactor

Distillation set up over Glasslined Reactor

UD Technolgies are leading manufacturers of Distillation set up over Glasslined Reactor

Glass Distillation set up over Glasslined Reactor frequently uses in API Industry for distillation of Solvents and cleaning of GLR while change of Product.
Glass Lined Reactors are used instead of glass reactors especially when the scale of operation is large and relatively high pressure steam is to be used as heating media. GLR is very common in API, Fine chemicals and chemical Industry Quite often assemblies like Simple Distillation Unit, Reaction Distillation Unit, and Fractional Distillation Unit etc. are installed above glass lined reactors.
The basic features of these assemblies remain the same but glass shell and tube heat exchanger is preferred due to the large scale of operation in place of Coil Condneser .

Factors govening Glass Assembly setup

Glass Distillation Set over Glass lined Reactor
UD Technologies are Leading manufacturers of Glass Distillation Set up over Glass Lined Reactor

Glass Assembly Set up changes with process requirements like
1. Batch /Continuous
2. Size of GLR
3. Requirement of Azeotropic distillation
4. Site constraints
5. Process Requirements
6.Instrumentation and Automation requirements

Continuous distillation in Glass 

Considering above factors ;Glass Set up may changes . In Continuos Operation,GLR acts as reboiler .So Size of GLR in case of Continuous distillation shall be smaller and depending on distillation rate .Highly corrossive solutions like Organic chlorides get distilled in continuous operation.Design of Continuous distilation is depending on properties of components to be distilled  and Distillation rates and requirement of Automation.Continuos distillation ensures consistent quality of Product  and easier automation due to steady state nature.

Details required for Batch Distillation 

You are requested to give following details to furnish you offer
1. GLR Size
2. Available total height area
3.Operating Pressure

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Glass Heat Exchanger

Solvent loss during Batch Distillation

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