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Sulfuric Acid Concentration

UD technologies are manufacturers and Suppliers of Sulfuric Acid Concentration plants from Gujarat ,India.

Concentration of Weak Sulphuric Acid from 20 % to 70 %

.UD Technologies offer sulphuric Acid concentration plants from 20% to 70%

Sulfuric acid is one of the world’s most widely used chemicals and finds numerous applications as the production of fertilizers, explosives, plastic as e.g. polyurethanes, esterification of intermediates, dyes and also the iron and steel industries.
In most chemical processes contamination and dilution of concentrated sulfuric acid occurs producing huge waste streams of contaminated spent sulfuric acid.

70% Sulphuric acid can be reused .Also Concentration up to 70% , during evaporation, Sulphuric acid vapors evolved is nearly nil.
Concentrating sulfuric acid from 20 to 70wt% involves evaporation of large amount of water out of the sulfuric acid. Single- or multi stage natural circulation evaporators, Themosyohon or Forced circulation evaporators in Multi stage are used to minimize the required amount of heating steam. Multi stage evaporators’ uses vapor arising from previous or next evaporator using boiling point difference and pressure difference.

The number of stages and the type of heating system for each stage are governed by the concentration of the waste acid and the available heating media. Account must also be taken to the behavior of the acid during the concentration process such as the generation of gases possibly leading to foams and the precipitation or evaporation of products present in the waste sulfuric acid.

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