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Glass Plug Flow Reactor

UD Technologies are Leading manufacturers and exporters of Glass Plug Flow Reactor -PFR from Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

We manufacture Glass Plug Flow Reactor – PFR with the highest quality standards of workmanship and material.

Glass Plug Flow Reactor - PFR
Glass Plug Flow Reactor

In an ideal Plug Flow Reactor; there is no mixing in the direction of flow and complete mixing perpendicular to the direction of flow. The concentration of reactants varies along the length of the reactor but not in the radial direction.

Glass Plug flow reactors-PFR, sometimes called continuous tubular reactorCTR, or piston flow reactors) apply in reactions which has complete conversion and no side products. Now PFR also finds application as Photo Bioreactor.

Plug flow or tubular, reactors consist of a hollow pipe or tube through which reactants flow. PFR is Available with Different configurationS depending on process requirements along with Efficient Mixing like Double pipe, Tubular and Shell and tube.

The addition of static mixing elements inside the tubular reactor creates the ideal conditions of radial mixing and near plug flow conditions necessary to perform chemical reactions in the laminar flow regime. This especially employs where the reaction is slow with viscous fluids like polymers.

Glass Photo Bioreactor

Plug flow reactors have a wide variety of applications in either gas or liquid phase systems. Tubular reactors also have applications as bioreactor e.g. for the production of algae or for small scale production.

Glass Tubular Plug Flow Reactor
Glass Tubular Plug Flow Reactor

Glass Falling Film Reactor

Glass Falling Film Reactor is type of Glass Plug Flow Reactor.

Glass Falling Film Reactor
Glass Falling Film Reactor

Falling film reactors are jacketed columns or clusters of columns where liquid and gas flow in annular or annular-mist flow. The gas phase is a mixture of a gaseous or vapourised reagent diluted with an inert carrier.

Laboratory Reactor may also have also single Tube or Jacketed Column . Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger also works as a Falling Film Reactor in which Endothermic or Exothermic reactions can take place.

These reactors display outstanding heat removal capability, with the mix between reagents leading to milder reaction conditions than in stirred batch reactors.

For this reason, the substitution of batch processes by continuous processes in film reactors, in order to improve the reaction progress and safety conditions, has become a recent trend.

Falling film reactors and other equipment apply generally in a reaction that needs temperature is to be maintained below certain limits.

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