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Glass Pilot plant containing Solid Liquid Extraction-Filtration-Wiped Film Evaporator
Glass Pilot Plant -Reactor and Distillation set up

Glass Pilot plants

Capitalizing on  in-depth industry knowledge, UD Technologies offers  a wide range of Glass Pilot Plants considering various Operating Parameter and Unit operations.

Glass Pilot plants are used for scale up and scale down the process for commercialization of process developed in Kilolab.

A pilot plant is a combination of Reaction, Pretreatment of Raw material and Post tretment of Products .

Reactor is main heart of process and can have different types  depending on Processes .Please refer for more details  Glass Reactor

Pretreatment of raw material like preheating-precooking-filtration-purification.

Post treatment stages of finished products like Distillation,Liquid Extraction,Absorption filtration, Purification with different techniques.

UD Technologies offers separate or in combinations of
1. Triple walled Glass Reactors and distillation set up over
2. Cylindrical -Spherical Glass Reactor and various Distillation set up considering Operating parameters
3. Liquid Liquid Extraction Unit
4. Solid Liquid Extraction Unit
5. Gas Liquid Absorption unit
6. Continuous Reactors like CSTR- PFR-Falling Film Reactor in Glass
7. Chromatography Separating Columns
8. Gas Solid Adsorption in Glass
9. Filtration like nutsche filter, Agitated Nutsche filter
10. Evaporation like Falling film evaporator, Rotary Film Evaporator,Wiped film evaporator
11. Different Heat exchangers by application- Heating and cooling, Condensation, evaporation, Reboiler

Enriched with enormous industrial knowledge, we have been able to manufacturer, exports and supply a broad array of Glass Pilot Plant. These pilot plants are highly applicable in the chemical industry. Offered pilot plants are designed under the severe supervision of our adept professionals. Provided pilot plants are highly accredited in the market for their plentiful quality aspects.


Provides pilot plants for scale up like Reactors Evaporators and Distillation plants

Pilot plants available for both batch and Continuous Operation
Provides complete glass process Plant for manufacturing very costly API Molecules
Available with Computerized control and data acquisition
We can supply also as per your customized requirement

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