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Instrumentation and Accessories for Glass Lined Reactor

UD Technologies from Vadodara, Gujarat. offers a range of Instrumentation and Accessories for Glass Lined Reactor

Glass Lined Reactor(GLR) is employed  for reactions in a pH range below 7 or the Acidic range,

When dealing with strong acids like Nitric, Sulphuric, Hydrochloric, or Phosphoric acids, stainless steel reactors are non-sustainable and hence corrode over time.

To avoid that, reactors with glass lining as thick as 0.2mm are used because glass easily sustains acids. Glass offers complete protection against strong acids preventing wear and tear in the long run.

Glass Lined Reactors are not suitable for alkaline operations because borosilicate commonly used in glass easily reacts with high pH solutions and degrades.

Glass-Lined reactors (GLR) is employed for following Purposes

  • The reaction –Liquid-liquid, Liquid-Gas, and Solid -Liquid Phases
  • Distillation – Evaporation- Batch and continuous
  • Crystallization To run reaction and Other Operations
  • Liquids -Liquid Extraction

To run reactions and Other Operations, the Production Person required Instrumentation and Accessories for Glass-lined Reactor

rGlass Distillation Set Up over Glass Lined reactor

Instrumentation for Glass-lined Reactor

Instrumentation is essential for the measurement, operation, and control of reactions and Unit Operations

UD Technologies offers Instruments to measure Temperature and control vacuum and RPM.

Temperature Sensor and Indicator for Temperature Sensing

Generally, the Reactor area is considered Flameproof due to the presence of Flammable solvents. We provide suitable  PT-100 Sensor Length considering thermowell length and Temperature Indicator enclosed in Flameproof Box. Please give the following data

  1. Thermowell Depth in MM
  2. Whether Reactor Area falls under GMP or not
  3. Any Specific Requirements like the requirement of Duplex Sensor or RTD or Output of Temperature indicator required MODBUS and others

Variable frequency drive for varying RPM of Agitator Motor

Variable Frequency Drive Panels, offered by us, are known for efficiently controlling the speed of  electric motor and the feed pump

Considering the Reactor area as Flameproof, UD Technologies provides a set of two panels.VFD shall install in Non-Flameproof Control panel with Fan to remove hot air from the panel. This panel is to be kept outside Flameproof Area. 2nd part is a flameproof panel from which RPM shall control with the help of VFD of a Non-Flameproof Panel. Please give the following  details to quote

  1. Agitator Motor Specification and HP
  2. Distance between Two Panels

Further, we also offer VFD Panels for Pumps to save energy.


Vacuum Controller for Reactor

Vacuum Controller Gives Controlled Vacuum Range to have maximum Condensation. In Buk Drug Plants, Different product needs different solvents and so different boiling points. The vacuum Controller helps to set the vacuum such that the boiling point of the solvent is enough higher than the coolant temperature to have efficient condensation. The principle of vacuum controller is explained in the following link

Vacuum Controler for Reactor 

Please give the following details to quote

  1. Vacuum Pipeline Size going to Reactor
  2. Flameproof /Non-Flameproof
  3. Any Other specific Requirements like MODBUS Output

Instruments size and specifications may change with the size of GLR and Process and Automation requirements. Please give the size of GLR  and  Specification for Instrumentation

Control Panels  for Steam Control/Thermic Fluid Control

Steam and Thermic Fluid  Can Be Controlled by Sensing Temperature and Controlling Steam Flow with Control  Valve .Different Options are Available

Control Panels are Available Non Flameproof ,Flameproof and ATEX Panels



Accessories for Glass Lined Reactor

UD Technologies offers a range of accessories that can be used in Glass Lined reactors as well as in all other glass-lined equipment, regardless of the original manufacturer.

To operate safely with chemical processes in glass-lined equipment, UD Technologies offers specially designed accessories:

  • Distillation Set up over Glass lined Reactor and Addition vessels
  • Gasket systems and PTFE T  bushes for safe sealing
  • Dip pipes, and fittings for loading and emptying vessels
  • SS PTFE Lined braided hose Pipes for transferring reactor contents
  • Full-view Sight Glasses for Layer Separation
  • Multipurpose PTFE Lined manway covers for sealing
  • FEP/PFA Lined Bottom outlet valves
  • Cleaning in place equipment-PTFE  Spray Balls


Distillation set up over Glass Lined Reactor

UD Technologies provides  Overhead distillation Assembly over Glass lined Reactor (GLR) or Glass-lined Equipment for Batch and continuous  Distillation as per  Process requirements. There may be a difference in Height of the Nozzle from the mounting floor for AE type Glass Lined Reactor and CE Type Reactor.

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Distillation Set up over Glasslined Reactor

PTFE T  Bushes for Manhole and Nozzles for Glass Lined Reactor

UD Technologies provides PTFE Nozzle T-Bush for Protection against Corrosion and erosion of the reactor nozzle. It is suitable for GLR Nozzle, Reaction vessels, and tanks
PTFE Nozzle T-Bush Made from Virgin PTFE Material and available in standard size from 1” to 12” and for manhole cover 350 x 450 NB and 500NB and length of 100 mm

MS PTFE Lined Dip Pipes for Gas Feeding  and Liquid Charging

UD Technologies offers MS PTFE Lined Dip pipe, PTFE Lined Sparger Lined and J Type Dip Pipe in various shape and size as per the glass lined reactors and also customize as per the customer’s requirement.
Lined dip pipes are manufactured from a carbon steel fabricated construction with a PTFE liner both inside and Outside Pipe and Nozzle liner and Sparger from Virgin PTFE Material. We provide Extra reducing flange on dip pipe which allow fitment with different  sizes of  nozzles

MS PTFE Lined Dip Pipe - GLR accessories
MS PTFE Lined Dip Pipe is used to pass gases Like Hydrogen Chloride gas, Chlorine Gas
MS PTFE Lined J Dip Pipe
MS PTFE Lined J pipe is used to charge Liquid or Gas Towards the Agitator or wall for Better Mixing

Technical Specifications

Pipe: A106 Gr. B, Seamless
Flange : IS2062, A105, SS304, SS316
Liner: PTFE (Both sides)       Drilling: As per Nozzles standards

Details Require for Dip Pipe Requirement:

1. Mounting Nozzle Size on GLR
2. Connection Nozzle Size at Top
3. Straight / Tapper / J Type
4. Flange Drilling Dimension
5. Length 6.Type of Nozzle -Straight or Taper 7. Type of GLR  Agitator


Sight Glass for Layer Separation and Pipe Lines

Sight glass facilitates visualizing Layer separation after liquid-liquid extraction and settling. It also helps to visualize the flow in Metallic and Polymer pipelines.UD Technologies Also offers double Window Sight Glass


UD Technologies supplied different types of Sight glass

  1. Size: 25NB to 300 NB
  2. Process requirements
  3. MOC OF End Flange: MS/SS/PP

SS  Braided PTFE Lined Flexible Hose Pipes

SS  Braided PTFE Lined Flexible Hose Pipes to take Reaction media for Filtration, to unload corrosive liquids from the reactor and tanks.UD Technologies is an exporter and supplier of Stainless-steel flexible hose pipes. All our products are extensively hydro-tested and made leakproof. PTFE Lined Flexible hose pipes come with Flange Connection.

Glass lined Reactor Accessories and parts
SS Braided PTFE Lined Flexible Hose Pipes are employed to transfer corrosive liquids for filtration, to transfer from the Tank of the Delivery truck to the storage tank, etc.

Specifications of SS Braided PTFE flexible hose assemblies

  • Hose ID available (in inch):   1” to 6’’
  • Temperature range: -200 to +1800 degrees Celsius
  • Testing: Hydro Testing
  • Pipe materials: SS, Corrugated PTFE
  • External Braiding: SS

Details Require for SS  Braided PTFE Flexible Hose Pipes  Requirement

  • Connection Nozzle Size
  •  Flange Drilling Dimension
  • End-to-End Length
  • Operating Pressure and Temperature
  • MS PTFE Lined Pipe Line and Components for Corrosive Gas and Liquids discharge and collection

  • Flush Bottom Lined Valve
  • Lined Ball Valve
  • Lined Feed Pipe
  • Lined Pipe Spools
  • lined Elbows, Tee. Cross.Reducer
  • Chlorine Manifold for chlorine transfer with multiple tonners

Chlorine Industrially comes in tonner(Cylinder having 900 Kg Chlorine Gas). Multiple Tonners are required to complete the reaction for Large Batches and continuous reactions.UD Technologies provided a Manifold so that one can use chlorine


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